The American brand Cannondale has come a long way since it’s birth in a crowded loft above a pickle factory in 1971. The Company grew quickly while earning a strong name in innovation and quality.

Today, Cannondale produces many different types of high-end bicycles; few of them are handmade, specializing in Aluminum and Carbon Fiber frames, a technology in which they were pioneers. On the MTB front, Cannondale were the first to start the Dual suspension revolution with the Delta V.E.S.T.

Cannondale are big players in the Pro Cycling Circuit. In 1997 Cannondale was the first to feature large, oversized aluminum bike frames on cycling’s biggest stage, the Tour de France. At the 1999 Tour, Cannondale had 4 stage victories with the Saeco team. From 2007 onwards Cannondale are the bike sponsors for Liquigas. On the Mountain biking circuit, Cannondale are the sponsor for the Cannondale – Vredestein racing team.

Schwinn Bicycles is an American based company with over 100 years of expertise in bicycle manufacturing. Schwinn makes bicycles that allow riders of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of riding. From kid’s bikes to the Le Tour Legacy, Schwinn offer a comprehensive line of bicycles to suit the needs of riders from across the world.

Schwinn designs bikes that people would want to ride. Schwinn’s irresistible efforts to ride out the need of the public’s interest in cycling have diversified into building bikes for Urban and Road riding. Schwinn uses the best American and European mechanics and design, including its iconic cantilever frame and durable tubular design. Schwinn builds bicycles not only for racing but also for every cyclist who wants a lightweight, light running, substantial bicycle with correct lines and the best equipment.

Schwinn’s objective is to build every bike with a commitment to provide improved specs, great product value and of course to give the rider a perfect ride.

In 2011, TI Cycles of India launched its very own performance bicycle brand Montra. Montra is the first high end performance bikes designed and manufactured in India. The Montra range of high-end bicycles is created on par with international performance biking standards.

Montra was the first to give our country its first indigenously designed and manufactured carbon frame bike, the Montra Techno. In early 2012, Montra launched India’s first titanium bike in the Country, the Montra Country Titanium.

If you are looking for bike for your daily commute or urban riding, the Montra Blues series will suit your need. The MTB series, the Montra Rock is best suited if you are looking to experience a thrilling trail ride.

Montra is TI Cycles answer to bringing high-end performance bikes to Indian riders at an affordable price.

Founded in 1974 in a Southern California garage, Mongoose has always been an aggressive brand with products that push the limits of what a rider can do. For the past 40 years, Mongoose has been in the dirt, on the trails and off the ramps.

Mongoose produces authentic durable products built for thrill seeking cyclists. Mongoose specializes in BMX and MTB bicycles. Mongoose is synonymous with bikes that perform on the smoothest single track to the biggest.

Using the best components in the industry and ergonomic frames, Mongoose has become the best in the bicycling industry with cutting edge technology and engineering providing bikes for any surface.

Mongoose has also supported many high adrenalin BMX and MTB events as well as formed their own team comprising of the best MTB and BMX riders from across the world like Greg Watts, Mike Montgomery, Ben Wallace, Greg Illingworth and many more riders.

GT Bicycles is an American company founded by Gary Turner in 1979. GT has built a long legacy of racing and winning, yet never being too serious. GT design(s)and manufacture(s) road, mountain and BMX bicycles.

GT was born with the simple vision: To help riders push the envelope of what’s possible on two wheels by creating the most reliable and innovative frames. GT was known for spearheading the prominence of BMX bicycles.

After perfecting BMX bicycles with a proven track record in the professional circuit, GT decided to enter the MTB segment. GT became the leader in the development of full-suspension mountain bikes. With exemplary engineering GT have been building bicycles with the perfect balance between performance and refinement.

GT also supports some of the best athletes and teams and have two teams under it’s wing,: The GT Yellow Wings Mountain Biking Racing Team and the Tasol-GT Pro Cycling Road Racing Team.

The Italian brand Bianchi is one of the leading brands on the International Cycling market and boasts over 130 years of creating some of the best bicycles in the world. From the beginning Bianchi has been using professional bicycle racing as a testing ground for innovation and improvement.

Bianchi manufacturers all types of bicycles of the highest quality be it professional racing bikes, road bikes or mountain bikes. Bianchi Cycles are traditionally painted Celeste, a turquoise also known as Bianchi Green. Contradictory myths say Celeste is the colour of the Milan sky, the eye colour of a former queen of Italy for whom Edoardo Bianchi made a bicycle and that it was a mixture of surplus military paint.

Bianchi, is a pioneer in the cycling industry, who have been fulfilling the needs of all types of cyclists with an Italian touch.